New Groom EP “Brothers and Sisters”

The next Groom release will be out on 27th July 2013 and will be a four song EP. It will be called ‘Brothers and Sisters’, and each song is being recorded and mixed by a different member of the band. Four flavours of Groom.

Groom gigs coming up

Popical Island Saturday 2011 photos

Lots of photos from the Popical Island #2 launch are over on the Popical Island Facebook page. Fun day!

Go here to view:



Here’s six of the two hundred covers we made for Compilation #2. They were painted and stamped by Anna, Annie, Bronwyn, Cormac, Jonny, Mide, Mike, Nora, Pádraig C, Padraig O’R, Ruan, Saileóg and Valerie. Mike made the spinning contraption that gave them that lovely effect, we were all really impressed but we hid it and were all like “Pfft! Check out Doc Brown and his dumb machine!” to annoy him.

We love you Mike!

Some gigs coming up…

Check the gigs page. We better practice!

What life’s like in the evening chez Stevens. You can hear Lois make off with the recorder half way through.

Groom make end-of-year best of!


In the company of Strands, Solar Bears, Dinah Brand and some other top albums. We feel quite proud:

Review of “This Golden Age” on Asleep on a Compost Heap

Some nice, well deserved endorsements of Thread Pulls, Porn on Vinyl and Holy Roman Army as well!